4 of the Best Android Apps for WiFi File Transfer

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Have you ever wanted to transfer a file to (or from) your PC from an Android device but don’t have time to fiddle around with cables and the like? If so, you may want to check out some of the Android apps on this list. Each one makes it very easy to transfer files wirelessly from one place to another.

In this article we’ll go over each app, rank them and talk about what makes them great apps. Each one is great in its own unique way, but which one is best for you?

1. Airdroid

Airdroid: A remote access and wireless file-transferring tool. The app works by asking the user to sign into an account, then by going to airdroid.com on a computer. Once there, Airdroid creates a virtual desktop with the abilities of accessing contacts, downloading apps from the phone to PC, sending text messages remotely, and transfering files back and forth.

The reason to consider Airdroid is simple: Not only will you be able to wirelessly transfer files back and forth with ease, but the added features are compelling. Being able to create an entire workspace from a phone or tablet and place it on a tab for access on a computer is incredibly compelling. Do yourself a favor and try out Airdroid as soon as possible, if you haven’t already!


2. Sweech

Many wireless transfer tools on Android are dressed-up FTP tools. The app itself hosts an FTP server for the user to connect to over the network. This works well, and even though FTP is a very old technology, it has its uses. Still, sometimes you might want to transfer files from one device to another instead of the standard “access FTP on a Windows PC.”

That’s where Sweech comes in. Not only does it make it possible for users to access the phone for file transfers via an IP address, but the app has other features as well. Does your Android phone have NFC? Install Sweech and use “Android beam” to wirelessly transfer files from one device to another. Additionally, it is able to generate a unique QR code for file-transfers because typing long IP addresses in web browsers can be really tedious.

Those looking for a solid WiFi file-transfer app on Android with great features should check out this app. It may not be very well known, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth checking out.


3. Amaze File Manager

For as long as there have been wireless transfer apps on Android, there have been file managers. And sometimes (but not always) these file-management apps have the ability to wirelessly transfer built right in. Amaze is one of these apps. Not only can you elegantly manage your files on Android with some really slick material design, but Amaze has the ability to host its own FTP file transfer server that anyone can connect to.

This means any user can fire up Filezilla (or any other FTP client) and quickly place or remove files from the Android device. However, FTP isn’t the only feature. Amaze also has the ability to mount Samba file shares. This feature is perfect for those who have a Samba file server on the network and want to wirelessly grab a file or two.


4. Portal

Portal is a wireless file transfer tool created by Pushbullet. It’s an application that allows users to throw files into a “portal” and transfer them wirelessly from any computer to any mobile device with the portal app installed. To transfer a file, all the user has to do is open the app, head to the portal website and scan a unique QR code.

After that it is possible to use the wireless network to instantly beam any file right away. This is an app that certainly fills a purpose. Many mobile users will be happy to know that they can easily get a file from one place to another. Unfortunately, transferring files with Portal is a one-way type of system. Currently there isn’t any way to transfer in reverse. Still, if what you want is a program that can send a file from PC to phone, Portal is a good choice.



As smartphones and computers get more entrenched into our lives, the need to get files onto them will grow. For the most part, Android has always had a plethora of different WiFi-transfer apps, but the sheer volume of them can get intimidating. Many users have a hard time finding out exactly which ones are good and which ones aren’t. Hopefully this article will shed some light on the better apps in this category.

What’s your favorite wifi file-transfer app on Android? Tell us below!