Learn Gmail, Google Apps, and Android Basics With 5 Beginner Lessons

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Google makes our internet-connected world go around. There’s Android on your phone, Google Maps for navigation, Gmail for email, YouTube for videos, Google Home for smart homes… and let’s face it, Google itself is the gateway to the web.

So, you need to know Google and its products well if you want to embrace the century of technology. It’s best to take a short course that gets you acquainted with the apps, especially if you’re a beginner. Otherwise, having a cheat sheet might help. Either way, you will be well equipped to handle anything that Google throws at you.

1. G Suite Training (Web, Chrome): Official Tutorials for Google Apps

The best thing to start with is Google’s own official “learning center”. This includes a variety of Google Apps, like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Google+, and more. At the website, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to use any service.

Learn Gmail, Google Apps, and Android Basics With 5 Beginner Lessons learn google gsuite training chrome

The better option is the G Suite Training extension for Chrome. It’s completely interactive, so as you use the app on a regular basis, it will teach you tips and tricks. In short, much like KeyRocket for Gmail teaches keyboard shortcuts, the G Suite Training extension will make you a better Google user. Quickly Learn Gmail’s Keyboard Shortcuts With KeyRocket For Gmail Quickly Learn Gmail’s Keyboard Shortcuts With KeyRocket For Gmail Get the most out of Gmail by learning all of its keyboard shortcuts. With Keyrocket for Gmail you’ll be shown a notification every time you use the mouse instead of a keyboard shortcut, helping you… Read More

Finally, check out the G Suite Training videos page to watch instructional videos about every Google app. And yeah, if you don’t use Chrome, remember, you can install Chrome extensions on Opera or other Chromium browsers.

DownloadG Suite Training for Chrome (Free)

2. Gmail for Seniors (YouTube): Gmail for Complete Beginners

Gmail has been around for so long that everyone younger than a certain age knows it inside and out. But for some beginners, the email experience can be overwhelming. Even if you’re coming from Outlook, Gmail can be a little confusing.


This short video series aims at introducing Gmail to seniors, so it is as basic as it gets. If you have a loved one who wants to start using email, this is the right guide. Even though it was made a year ago, it is completely relevant today. That’s not the case for a lot of older Gmail guides you’ll find on the web.

Of course, if you already know your way around Gmail, this will be useless for you. Instead, try our power user’s guide to Gmail to level up your inbox. The Power User Guide to Gmail The Power User Guide to Gmail This free Gmail Guide is for those of you who already use Gmail as an email client and want to take maximum advantage of its many productivity features. Read More

3. Ultimate Google Sheets Guide (Web, Ebook): Become a Sheets Expert

Google’s free online spreadsheet tool, Sheets, is more capable than you might think. In fact, it’s reached a point where you have to ask yourself, is Sheets or Microsoft Excel right for you?


The team at Zapier made the ultimate guide to Google Sheets, detailing each of its feature and how to use it effectively. It’s fantastic both for beginners and experts. From taking you through the basics of a spreadsheet to advanced workflows and macros, you’ll find everything you need to know.

So whether you want to create custom functions in Sheets or figure out how to use a template, start here. And do yourself a favor by downloading the well-formatted ebook PDF. How to Create Custom Functions in Google Sheets How to Create Custom Functions in Google Sheets With Google Scripts you can break out of the spreadsheet cell and code your own custom functions. It’s easier than it sounds. We’ll walk you through the process. Read More

4. Android 6.0 Quick Start Guide (Ebook): Official Tutorial

By now, you should have ideally got Android 6.0 Marshmallow on your phone or tablet. It’s a fantastic operating system, but if you’re new to Android, you need to know a few things. Even if you aren’t new, there are awesome Marshmallow features to check out.

Learn Gmail, Google Apps, and Android Basics With 5 Beginner Lessons learn google android quick start ebook

Google released this official ebook on Google Play Books, its ebook store, which you can download and read for free on any device. It’s a complete beginner’s guide, introducing you to the basics of Android and everything you need to know to use it.

In case you haven’t yet got Marshmallow as an update on your phone, you should probably install a custom ROM based on Marshmallow. 6 Best Android 6.0 Marshmallow Custom ROMs 6 Best Android 6.0 Marshmallow Custom ROMs If you want to upgrade your phone to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, don’t wait! These custom ROMs make it easy. Read More

5. OK Google Commands (Web): All the Voice Commands for Google Devices

If you have an Android phone or tablet, a Chromebook, or a Google Home smart device, you need to start using voice commands. Google has arguably the best voice recognition system, and customized its devices to perform actions by just talking to them.

Learn Gmail, Google Apps, and Android Basics With 5 Beginner Lessons learn google okgoogle voice

And while we’ve listed 20+ useful OK Google voice commands, there are far too many other commands to keep track of. That’s why the new OK-Google.io site is so useful. It lists all the commands available, and neatly sorts them in categories. Click a category and you’ll see all the things you can say to Google devices with it. OK, Google: 20+ Useful Things You Can Say to Your Android Phone OK, Google: 20+ Useful Things You Can Say to Your Android Phone Slowly, without us noticing, the future has arrived. Read More

We’ve already said that every Android user needs to use OK Google, but this site will show you how it’s useful on Chrome OS and other gadgets too.

Which Google Product Is Most Confusing?

Google prides itself on its simplicity, but a lot of users still find many of its products complex.

Which is the most confusing product, according to you? Is it something like Google Home that uses only voice commands, or an operating system like Android, or a single app like Gmail?

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