Technical SAP Cutover Steps

Capture Date: 11.03.2018 19:39:10

Here are some of the significant cutover steps for SAP go live.

System integrity:

  • Ensure that packages in dev / QA / live are identical
  • Ensure that E-Mails can be sent from the live system

Transport paths:

  • Ensure that “Transport of Copy” requests can be carried between dev – live systems
  • Ensure that requests in QA STMS can be forwarded to the live system
  • Ensure that workbench / customizing requests can be sent between dev – QA – live

Transport execution:

  • Transport external requests to the live system
  • Transport requests of all finished developments to the live system by selecting original requests & a transport of copies request containing everything
  • Ensure that all requests imported to QA are imported to the live system as well. TPALOG table + Excel VLOOKUP will help.

Soft config:

  • Definition of SM59 connections
  • Definition of SOAMANAGER connections
  • Definition of Z* number ranges in SNRO
  • Customizing of technical Z* tables
  • Ensure SCAL definitions & future maintenance
  • Define jobs

Workflow configuration:

  • Setting up WF-BATCH
  • Workflow configuration in SWU3
  • Ensure that Z* tasks are classified as general task (PFTC_DIS)
  • Execute SWU_OBUF and define a job if needed
  • If you use deadline monitoring, define job for RSWWDHEX