The Basic Vanilla JavaScript Project Setup

Source: Date: 25.12.2021 In the last article, I shared my reasons for fully investing myself in the vanilla JS techniques again, after over a decade of working with JavaScript frameworks. Today we are jumping straight into the basic project setup. Along the way, I will touch on various techniques, and discuss my rationale behind them, [...]

Table Maintenance Generator for event Number 01 and 05

Source Table Maintenance Generator for event Number 01  and 05. Create Maintenance view for the database table and write the following code in Include. *&--------------------------------------------------------------* *&      Form  create_entry *&--------------------------------------------------------------* FORM create_entry. zvmaint-zcreatedate     = sy-datum.       " Creation Date zvmaint-zcreatetime     = sy-uzeit.       " Creation Time zvmaint-zcreateuser     = sy-uname.       " Created By zvmaint-zupdateuser     = sy-uname.       " Last Update user zvmaint-zupdatedate     = sy-datum .      " Last Update date zvmaint-zupdatetime     = sy-uzeit.       " Last Update time ENDFORM.                    " _CREATE_ENTRY *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* *&      Form  modify_entry *&---------------------------------------------------------------------* FORM  modify_entry. DATA: lv_index TYPE sy-tabix.                   " Number of lines found CONSTANTS : lc_action_update TYPE c VALUE 'U',    "Updating current record lc_action_create TYPE c VALUE 'N'.    "Creating new  record * Clearing data objects. CLEAR : lv_index. *-- Check the all entries of records in table by looping each record. LOOP AT zvmaint_total. *-- Check record updated. IF <action> = lc_action_update . *         Read the EXTRACT table with current record. READ TABLE extract WITH KEY zvmaint_total. IF sy-subrc EQ 0. lv_index = sy-tabix. ELSE. [...]

Keyboard Shortcuts, Ranked

Capture date: 03.11.2019 23:53 Source: Archive: Doing stuff with your mouse is cool. Doing stuff with your keyboard is cooler. These are the most important keyboard shortcuts, ranked from best to worst. (Unless noted, we’ve listed the Windows shortcuts; Mac users substitute cmd for ctrl.) With one exception, despite any flaws, all the [...]

5 Practical Google Cheat Sheets to Use Google Apps Better

Capture date: 27.10.2019 19:53Source: Archive: If you’re a Google user, learning the ins and outs of its many apps can make you a power user on the internet. But who has the time? Psst, instead of a crash course, peruse these cheat sheets to level up. Unlock the "Most Useful Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts" … Continue reading 5 Practical Google Cheat Sheets to Use Google Apps Better